WINGS saves women and children who are escaping domestic abuse by delivering secure long-term housing and wrap-around support services to help families 24/7. While these fully furnished apartments provide needed shelter for survivors, WINGS does much more than provide a roof over their heads.

WINGS creates a safe and welcoming home for women and children. Our trauma informed approach, intensive counseling, onsite childcare, life skills training, as well as child and youth programs – encourage healing for the whole family. We give women time to process and the tools they need to recover from the horrific trauma they have experienced. Our full-circle healing helps women and children become more stable, access new skills and set a healthy course for their lives

Millwoods Community Church has decided to focus most of our congregational ministries on supporting WINGS and their vital work for our neighbors. Specific opportunities can be found in our bulletins and newsletters. We hope you can join us!

Visit their website:

WINGS New/Gently Used Items Needed


-Sidewalk Chalk, Bubbles, Kites, Skipping Ropes, Kids Sprinklers, Water Toys

-New Packs of Kids Markers and Pencil Crayons, Kids Scissors, Construction Paper, Paper Plates, Non-Toxic paint, coloring books

-Sunscreen (suitable for babies, kids all ages), Bugspray

-Kids Water Bottles

-Back to School Supplies (list coming soon), Backpacks/lunch kits!

-New kids/teen back to school shoes

-New WHITE t-shirts for babies, kids, adults (for tie dye day)

-Craft Supplies—yarn, kids scissors, packs of markers and pencil crayons, glue sticks, construction paper, paper plates, pipe cleaners, etc. 


-Sporting Goods for Spring/Summer:  Large Rubber Balls, Basketballs, Soccer Balls, Tennis Balls, Footballs, Frisbees, Badminton Rackets/Birdies/Nets, etc (Due to Covid, we need to give each family their own sporting goods to play with, as we cannot share between families)

-Ping Pong Paddles/balls/nets

-Other sporting/recreation goods (netball, Velcro ball, etc)

-Board games! Lego!

-Clothes for teen boys and girls

-Working Fans