Cemetery Location
34 Avenue & 34 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
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Millwoods Community Church offers burial plots or columbarium niches.

Our Cemetery accommodates the needs of MWCC members as well as the public.

All cemetery sales are to be approved by the church and cemetery board.

A perpetual care fee of $500.00 will be charged for each plot/urn on an existing plot, or urn placed in the columbarium

We now take presales for burial plots and columbarium niches.

Contact us to find out more 780-463-7427



Adult Plots:
Single Plot $1500.00
Double Plot $3000.00
Open and Close per plot $1200.00
Cremation Burial on existing plot $500
(Maximum of 2 urns per plot, on existing graves only.)

Infant Plot Under 6 yrs:
Single Plot $500.00
Open and Close $500.00

5% GST will be added to all pricing

(Engraving and the purchase of grave markers must be purchased by the family with Summit Memorials.)



Summit Memorials information

4435 - 97 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
Phone: 780-851-5779
Fax: 780-433-7174
Email:[email protected]

Hours of Operation: 
Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sat: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Grave markers must be arranged
by family with Summit Memorials)


Columbarium Niche
(Maximum of 2 urns per niche.)
One Niche Open and Close: $3600.00
Open and Close 2nd urn: $400.00

Adult Cremation Burials
Adding an Urn to an already purchased plot
Open and Close: $500.00
(May thru October)

5% GST will be added to all pricing

(Niche door markers are included in this pricing. Engraving of Niche markers must be arranged by the family with Summit Memorials)